With rental space being at an all-time high, we’re seeing more development pop up than ever before and if you haven’t noticed, the style and amenities are changing. Not everyone is looking to buy a house but there are features of a home or amenities within housing communities that some still find appealing and that’s where apartment developers are placing their attention.

Spaces And Services

Unlike before, when apartments used to seek after offering clubhouses, fitness rooms and a pool combo; development spaces are now looking to offer more in terms of space and in addition, services that those spaces include. Pools are still considered highly attractive to renters all throughout the year. Even if they don’t make use of them all year round, it’s still something they want when it comes to apartment shopping. The up factor is providing services such as water classes for residents which allow them to maximize their residential space all within living proximity.

The idea of a clubhouse is modernizing itself into what is now called ‘common spaces’ where people can just sit and relax with a cup of coffee and a book or sit with a friend or two in a space that gives the impression they are somewhere else. Investing in these spaces is worthwhile, since people are already going out of their way to cafes and bistros just to sit and chat, do work or read a book. Comfortable seating that is appealing to modern day residents along with some water features and plants are all it takes to create a space that will attract renters.

Dog parks are highly sought after features that seem to come with every new development. Especially within upscale rental areas, pampering pets is high on the list of priorities and one that pet lovers look for when shopping new rentals. Having space to run and get outside is important for any pet owner, let alone someone who is aware that their living space doesn’t offer what their pets need indoors. A small outdoor running space is all that is needed to provide what renters are looking for.

Indoor Features

Everyone knows that when it comes to apartments walls seem paper thin so it’s no wonder that when given a survey, people rated soundproofing as one of the top appealing features of apartment complexes. Other features included stainless steel appliances, in unit washer and dryers and hardwood floors. Depending on the area, some features high on the list were gas stoves and floor to ceiling windows. One noted attraction was the breakfast space. Apartments that provided a breakfast bar or dining nook were more appealing than those that didn’t offer this space. All in all, people want quiet. They want to enter their home space knowing they can relax and wind down. The busyness of life is everywhere and the one space that people can control the noise, is in their own home. Apartment features that accommodate to these types of desires and needs will always be far more attractive than those that don’t.

Ultimately, developers need to know the area they are in. The economics and sociological factors that come into play are worth exploring. In some areas, people want to cut costs and don’t mind missing out on the amenities that can be offered. For them, the appeal is in the rates while others will desire the full package deal. Finding out what people are interested in through surveys is a great way to get to know the demographics and interests of an area. Looking into what other developers within surrounding areas are offering also provides ideas as well as how one can stand out amongst everyone else.

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