Roof Repair

Our quick and responsive local repair teams help reduce your stress in a crisis.

Roof Repair & Maintenance

Reliable Roofing provides a vast array of repair and roof installation services in the Midwest, Mideast and East coast. In addition to top-notch interior work, we specialize in the repair of exterior building envelope damage on apartments, row houses, townhouses, multiplex, mixed use properties, hotels, motels, condominiums, senior living facilities, schools, churches, and various commercial buildings. Our team of roofing experts will assess and quickly identify and correct any roofing damage using the best materials available. With our services, you’ll receive the best in roof repairs and maintenance and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied. Our comprehensive roof analysis and estimate will allow you to see how much the repairs will cost and what the best solutions are for fixing your roof. We pride ourselves on being the construction contractor that the Midwest, East coast and Mideast property managers and owners rely on to properly and effectively remediate any roofing problems. From leaking roofs, to damaged siding, to weathered paint, to structural dry rot; our exterior repair and building renovation experts possess the professional experience and know-how to handle the job right the first time so you can rest assure.. Whether a large job or small, we go out of our way to achieve a high level of workmanship, so you are left confident in the finished product.

When Is It Time To Get Your Roof Repaired

Missing or Cracked Shingles

If you notice any shingles missing or out of place you need to replace them as soon as possible, so water can be prevented from seeping through the shingles, which can lead to mold and rot spreading from the inside.

Peeling Interior Paint

Peeling paint in your interior means your roof might have a serious leak problem. Leaks from your roof can cause damage to your homes ventilation and soffits which are the underside of your roofing system. Sometimes the problem is caused by a failing gutter system which we also provide services for.

Blistering, Splitting and Erosion

This is most common with asphalt shingles and appears within a year of installation caused by a bad roofing ventilation system and mostly affects your homes appearance and curb appeal.

Faulty Installation

If you’ve already had a roofing job done before and are experiencing current roof problems it is likely your roof wasn’t installed correctly and you’ll need assistance from a more qualified roofing contractor.

Tree Limbs and Branches

Tree limbs and branches can rub against the shingles wearing away the protective surface. This can leave your home vulnerable to damage and will cost more to get fixed if not remedied.

Flashing Problems

Flashing is the sealing that keeps the tiles and shingles secure and keeps water from penetrating your home. Checking for problems with flashing is an important.

Our services are available 24 hours. Steep-slope, low-slope, commercial or residential roof repairs are simplified when working with us.

Roof Types We Repair


We fix cracks, leaks, holes, and tears with asphalt shingles and use the best GAF asphalt shingles in our repairs.


Metal shingles are strong and durable, but still subject to wear and tear with age. We fix problems with the underlayment and flashing in metal shingles.


Water is the greatest enemy of any building with a flat roof installed. We take great care to use modified bitumen, EPDM (rubber), or reinforced PVC materials to fix leaks in a flat roof.


Also known as tar and gravel roofs, built up roofs are installed with alternating layers of tar or asphalt and have a smooth or graveled surface on top. We fix both ballasted and unballasted built-up roofing  systems.

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

We reach you at the right time, with the right service, wherever you are.

Reliable Roofings quick and responsive local repair teams help reduce your stress in a crisis, or perform timely repairs that result from wear and tear on your roof system. Our services are available 24 hours. Steep-slope, low-slope, commercial or residential roof repairs are simplified when working with us. We manage all repair services from our home office in Atlanta, so our crews are ready to respond to your needs immediately.

Reliable Roofing's National Repair Service operates like a local company but has the strength to reach you wherever you are. We work in 35 states for apartment management companies, commercial building owners / managers and others. Whether your roof experienced sudden storm damage or needs service from the results of wear and tear, we'll come to where you are and take care of you.

Our customers prefer to work with one company, regardless of where their property is located. Since we centrally manage all of our repair services from our home office in Atlanta, our customers know our records are accurate, our crews will be responsive and the roofing decisions we help them make will be the most cost effective.

Call us when whether you have sudden damage from a storm, or you're taking care of long overdue structural repairs.  

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