Drone Technology

Reliable Roofing offers drone-based aerial intelligence for comprehensive roof assessments in minutes.

Drone-based roofing solutions offer accuracy, safety, and speed

Drones offer a faster and more cost-effective way to gather information that delivers a far more productive assesement compared to what can be gathered by manual measurement.

Drones allow us to fine-tune our estimates or bids for a project. Drones take away the guesswork that use to come with submitting estimates. Through technology, we can provide pinpoint estimates and bids to clients with little need for alteration on the project. Photos taken from the drone can provide an entire view of the roofing system from atop a building and we can take the images and create a design that we can then share with you.

Diagrams, Blueprints, and sketches can now be drawn up in full detail so that the customer has a clearer picture of what a roofing installation will look like once it’s completed. All components of a roofing system can be added when determining the square footage of a roof and the cost of installing or repairing. Such areas include ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, pitch and more. In addition to taking roof measurements, drones can also gather information about gutter systems, walls, entire properties, and do the same type of work that surveyors can do in determining property claims and property borders.

Reliable Roofing uses Drones with aerial image capabilities offering many benefits:

  • Due Diligence and Evaluations – As you evaluate properties for acquisition or sale, our drone inspections along with 30 years of expertise can give you the insight and knowledge you need to make great decisions. We can access difficult areas to determine source problems. We give you visibility. Drones allow us to access areas effectively to get the answers you need.
  • Project Management – Professional sports have used game films for years to analyze how teams move on the field. Reliable Roofing can use drones for similar purposes. We can see how our projects are set up and how our teams need to run during projects. Opportunities for changes are realized by analyzing different perspectives.
  • Project Assessment – Successful projects start by analyzing property sites before the work begins. Looking at projects from the actually surface of the project is one perspective. Reviewing the project from an aerial perspective may open up new insights. The new knowledge can generate new ideas of how to manage a project.
  • Marketing and Sales – Drones allow us to take pictures and videos of projects that are both finished and in progress. These images and videos can be used by our clients for their website or other marketing materials.
  • Estimating – All good projects begin with a quality estimate. We look for different solutions on projects that can help us be competitive. The use of drones can give us a different look at a project and increase our chances of bidding more accurately and more competitively.

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