Multi-Family and Commercial Roofing

We are the "Go-To" roofing company for multi-family housing.

Multi-Family Housing Roofing

Multi-family, multi-housing, condos, HOAs,property management groups, townhouses and mixed-use communities have a lot of problems to solve. When they work with Reliable, their roof isn't one of them. We are the "Go-To" roofing company for multi-family housing. That's why the largest and most well-known apartment owners and management companies keep working with Reliable Roofing year after year. We don't just install and repair their roofs. We help manage their roofing life cycle. Apartment owners and managers know that the right long-term decisions bring major impact to their bottom line. They've chosen Reliable Roofing because they can trust us to look after their best interest in the way we recommend re-roofing and repairs. Reliable Roofing is a safe choice.


Reliable Roofing provides a vast array of repair and roof installation services in the Midwest, Mideast and East coast. In addition to top-notch interior work, we specialize in the repair of exterior building envelope damage on apartments, row houses, townhouses, multiplex, mixed use properties, hotels, motels, condominiums, senior living facilities, schools, churches, and various commercial buildings. Our team of roofing experts will assess and quickly identify and correct any roofing damage using the best materials available. With our services, you’ll receive the best in roof repairs and maintenance and we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied. Our comprehensive roof analysis and estimate will allow you to see how much the repairs will cost and what the best solutions are for fixing your roof. We pride ourselves on being the construction contractor that the Midwest, East coast and Mideast property managers and owners rely on to properly and effectively remediate any roofing problems. From leaking roofs, to damaged siding, to weathered paint, to structural dry rot; our exterior repair and building renovation experts possess the professional experience and know-how to handle the job right the first time so you can rest assure.. Whether a large job or small, we go out of our way to achieve a high level of workmanship, so you are left confident in the finished product.

Multi-Family Roof Inspections

Reliable Roofing is more than just a company who installs roofing materials when you need them. We're your life-cycle roofing partner! For this reason, we're constantly working to provide roof system evaluations and well educated recommendations for our customers. When you call Reliable Roofing to inspect your roof, we'll provide a complete comprehensive report with photo documentation. We also develop 5-10 year roof plans for multi-family residential communities and commercial buildings. We evaluate simple repairs or complete re-roof projects. Our customers count on our careful record keeping to make informed roofing decisions, so we make sure we gather all the information needed for them to make the best one with us as their number one resource.

Multi-Family Insurance Claims

We know when your roof is damaged from a storm, that timely, personal service means everything. We don't simply email or fax a quote after receiving info regarding your damages. We visit the site personally and view the damages. We walk the property with the insurance adjuster. We determine your individual needs and prioritize your work to get you back to "normal" as soon as possible. Our people have been professionally trained to correctly assess your damages, provide you with a fast, accurate inspection report and quote you the materials and services you need. We have 14 Haag Certified Hail Roof inspectors on staff. This means that we can be responsive to your needs and you can trust the results. We specialize in hail damage evaluations and other extreme weather scenarios.

Property owners and managers choose Reliable Roofing because they can trust us to look after their best interest in the way we recommend re-roofing and repairs

We're Industry Leaders for Multi-Family Housing

  • Roofing Life Cycle

We're not just concerned with your current project. We focus on your entire roofing life cycle. We help you make informed decisions at the right time, so you maximize your roofing dollars. We work with our customers to create 5 to 10 year roofing plans. This helps them control overhead and expenses while making sure their structures are up-to-date, safe and efficient.

  • Responsiveness

When extreme weather causes small amounts of damage, creates major repairs or requires complete roof replacement, our customers count on our responsiveness to their needs. Since we work in 35 states we are ready help you deal with Hurricane, Hail or Tornado damages as soon as they occur.

  • Safety

Our focus on safety is helping set new industry standards. We require 100% of our staff to wear fall arrest systems when working on your roof. We keep the job site clean, well secured and free of obstacles. The safety of our workers and your residents is our most important priority.

  • Quality Control

Our projects follow specific processes to make sure every detail is cared for. Every job has a project manager on site who is constantly reviewing a project checklist. We also document every phase of the project with detailed photos so everything is noted and visible for review at any time.


We reach you at the right time, with the right service, wherever you are.