Nearly $1.5B in CMBS Possibly at Risk from Hurricane Florence

About $1.5 billion in securitized commercial mortgages could be affected by the severe damage that Hurricane Florence has inflicted across North Carolina, according to a CMBS Alert issued by Morningstar Credit Ratings, a subsidiary of Morningstar Inc.

Responding to negative reviews: The property manager’s guide

Navigating online reviews is critical for small businesses due to the popularity of social media and review sites. If done correctly, responding gives you the chance to deliver strong customer service and show potential renters you care. In fact, a recent study found that constructive engagement with reviewers actually leads to more reviews and higher ratings.

Adapting to Smart Building Technology: Benefits and Challenges

Next to the construction project itself, improving the efficiency and productivity of a building is one of the main concerns of developers, property managers and contractors alike. The growing number of smart solutions ready to be integrated into a building’s infrastructure has impacted the commercial real estate market to such an extent that, according to a MarketsandMarkets study, the global smart building market is expected to grow to $24.8 billion by 2021. And as many communities, even cities, are responding positively to the idea of becoming “smart,” assets based on intelligent infrastructure are expected to create a new line of business.

Solar’s Future Is Bright in Mid-Rise Multifamily

Paige Humecki of AMLI Residential highlights the benefits of solar energy within the market and gives tips on how to implement this into a community.

Is Building a Pool a Good Idea? 10 Things To Consider Before Investing in a Pool for Your Property


It can be easy to get excited about having access to a pool as part of one’s own amenities: both property managers and renters alike tend to view it as an unique asset to the property. However, it is important to keep in mind that building a pool is no small feat. There are several reasons why one should thoroughly consider whether building a pool on-site truly is as good of an option as it sounds. 

Mold Preventative Maintenance For Kitchens, Basements And Bathrooms


Knowledge about what causes mold growth and mold preventative maintenance is key to guaranteeing a safe, healthy living environment for tenants.

Property managers need to know not only causes of mold growth, but how to prevent it in certain parts of the property.


The Importance of Accessibility Compliance in Multifamily


Greg Proctor, Vice President of RealPage Compliance Services, has been preaching the need for more awareness of accessibility compliance issues with properties for years. Out of all of the properties he has inspected over the years (and that is many years), he has yet to find one that is completely in compliance with the regulations that govern that property.


Multifamily Markets Positioned to Win in 2018


Above-trend population increases and job gains in non-gateway cities are generating strong investor and resident demand for multifamily housing, explained IRT Chairman & CEO Scott Schaeffer. Here are three such markets poised to benefit from this trend in 2018.

5 Things for Property Managers to Start 2018 off Right

It’s that time of year again, time to think about New Year’s resolutions for all of your properties. Whether you want to improve your renter relationships starting in January or you want to create dynamic properties with the help of smart home technologies, the new year is a chance to meet all of your property management goals. Without further delay, here are five easy things that you can do to start 2018 off on the right foot.

Is Your Green Roof a Pest Paradise?

Green roofs are steadily sprouting across the country, with the North American green roof industry experiencing 10.3% growth between 2015 and 2016. This form of living architecture helps buildings reduce their water runoff, increase their insulation, and even attract more renters.

How to Attract Generation Z Renters in 2018

Move over Millennials – Generation Z is here. This group of people born between 1996 and 2010 are just beginning to come of age and find their place in the world. With over 61 million members, this demographic will be the next wave of tenants in your rental properties if they aren’t already.

Top Trends in HOA & COA Properties


Whether you own or manage HOA or COA properties, or some of both, it’s wise to stay up-to-date with the latest in the industry. Being at the forefront of trends can give you a chance to get ahead in the community association game – so you’re more likely to improve the value of your investment and run a smooth operation.

The Most Expensive US Cities for Renters

If you want to live in the beautiful city of Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, prepare yourself to make a huge spending on your rentals. Zumper, a rental listing company puts forth the statistics where San Francisco tops the rentals in the nation.