Job Site Safety


                                                                                                    COMMITTED TO INSPIRE                                     AN INDUSTRY WIDE, SAFETY FIRST APPROACH

"We're on a Mission to Shape the Way Roofers Think About Safety."

– Barry Sutlive - President, Reliable Roofing

For Reliable Roofing, safety is not just something we talk about, it's our #1 priority. We live safety in everything we do, because in our business, even one accident is one too many. We're out to protect our team members while they're working.

Fall arrest systems for our roofing crews aren't optional - they're required. 
Fall arrest systems still aren't 100% required by OSHA on every job site, but Reliable is working hard to change that. For us, OSHA fall arrest systems are required for all roofing personnel on shingle roof projects. 100%. No Exceptions.

Protecting employees, customers and residents on our jobsites is a responsibility we're serious about.

Reliable takes the time and extra effort to keep our projects clean and organized, including marking off restricted areas and advising residents to wear shoes and not to cross into roped off areas. Scheduled NRCA Tool Box meetings, providing lunch during learning sessions and rewarding crews with dinners and outings for consistently safe performance are a regular part of the Reliable Roofing culture.

At Reliable Roofing safety is a team effort.
The project management staff led by our Operations Manager is our safety committee. We coordinate safety operations in multi states, beginning with education of our customers as to what they can expect in fall protection. Our safety strategies are deployed by employees, crew leaders, project management, executive management and our customers. Managers constantly monitor jobsites for safety compliance. Surprise inspections are a regular occurrence. Employees are rewarded for compliance and penalized for non-compliance.