The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down temporarily or even permanently depending on the type of business, area and/or if the business had the ability to self sustain during the time of null. Many businesses have done everything they can to stay afloat during this time and some seem to be barely hanging on. When it comes to how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the roofing companies, though there are some similarities to other businesses, there are a few differences that have affected their specific operations.

Limited Supplies

Unless you work in an industry or for a business where you are aware of their particular operations, concerning supplies, you may not think about the fact that many businesses rely on supplies being shipped in through other places. China is one of the largest partners that the U.S. relies on for imported materials. For the roofing industry in particular, supplies such as solar paneling, aluminum, plastic, slate, timber, rubber and even collated roofing nails are materials imported by China; all of which have drastically reduced if not come to a halt in recent production. Much of this is due to how China has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with areas such as China’s Shandong Province being hit particularly hard; one of the roofing industries largest aluminum producers. Public quarantines, curfews and travel restrictions have all had an impact on China’s manufacturing and shipping sectors making it challenging for roofing companies to get a hold of the products they need.

Though China is a significant source of manufactured materials, it is not the only source being impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many manufacturing plants in the U.S. are operating at a fraction of their workforce due to this pandemic and with all these shortages the future seems to hold higher costs, price fluctuations, logistics breakdowns, order cancellations and extended delays in product fulfillment and shipping. With all this in mind, roofing companies will be wise to prepare for the road of challenges ahead, making adequate provisions and setting themselves up to be protected in areas where they feel they would be most vulnerable.

Project Delays

Knowing that supplies are in high demand and limited in production it can only be expected that roofing projects will experience delays. With the U.S. being ill-prepared for a viral pandemic the current status is revealing ongoing interruptions and halts as information about viral cases are constantly changing. With this in mind, businesses can predict slower completion times and even potential legal scuffs with both suppliers and project owners because of the consistent delays. Re-evaluating project plans to prepare for delays is advisable.

What To Expect In The Future

Though there are many current and predicted challenges roofing companies are facing, there are still some promising things for the future. First, is the fact that roofing companies are considered an essential business. This obviously enables roofing companies to stay open during lock down periods since a well maintained roof is considered crucial for the health and wellness of the owner(s). Secondly, protocols for every operating business are expected to be put into place but with roofing contractors not having a great need for face to face interaction with their clients, the ease of maintaining these protocols will be far less than businesses that require personable interactions. This may not seem like a huge ordeal but for many businesses the protocol measures are eating away at daily productivity resulting in less revenue and longer wait times to meet their clients needs. With the supply chain already causing foreseeable delays, the last thing roofing companies will want is another reason for a longer waiting period. Lastly, with lock down periods starting to lift around the country, more people are getting back to work and that means the economy can get back to running as usual. The sooner business operations can get back to full functioning capacity, the sooner the upturn for economic growth.

All of us have experienced in one way or another the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and for some it has been a time of great loss. We have felt in our homes, our schools and our businesses. Each and every one of us awaits a better future and with the support of every community working together we can attain the future that we hope for.

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