First impressions always make an impact. When potential customers approach a property, the outdoor landscaping is the first thing to catch their eye; making well maintained landscaping a significant part of a commercial properties appeal. Streamlined gardens and beautiful but simple water features draw people in with their inviting displays and speak of the properties cleanliness and care. Attention to a simple feature can build favorable repore amongst current and new customers. Following a few simple tips, you can create a flawless outdoor landscape that draws new customers to your businesses property.


Entrance is Key

Not only do you want this space to draw attention, you want this part of your landscaping to greet those approaching your property and provide them with a sense of where the entrance to your building is. Landscaping that provides direction to a businesses entrance immediately places an oncomer at ease, making for person to person contact more relaxed and open. Materials with texture and color provide a unique look and engage those accessing your property as well.

Plant Strategy

Choosing plants that fit the style of your building and property is important. You want to complement what your business offers. When deciding on plants, you want to pick ones that create a tone for the atmosphere of your business. For example, a medical building can be a stressful place for people to enter. Calming features like small waterfalls and mock creeks give the sense of peace and serenity to people before they even enter the building. Think about plants that offer pops of color yet are easy to maintain.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture pieces give the sense of home and comfort. Providing places for people to sit outside in a relaxing environment is always inviting. Simple, traditional furniture pieces can be everything for an outdoor seating area. However, if your place of business has a modern feel you will want to keep that in mind.

Decorative Features and Hardscapes

Decorative features and hardscapes can be either dramatic or simplistic depending on your place of business. Fountains are a common feature that create a sense of calm and relaxation while statues give an artistic flare. Stone walkways give a well landscaped look yet are typically simple and appeal to the eye. Whatever features you choose, you want them to be complimentary to your building and even your location.

Visibility and Lighting

Keep the exterior of your business open to onlookers. People should be able to see your building clearly and have an understanding of what kind of business you are just by passing by. This also becomes a security feature, as trees and large shrubs provide hiding places for those who may have wrong intentions. Bright colored accent walls will draw people in from the street and lighting around your building will enhance your landscaping features during the evening as well as becoming another security benefit.

Integrating simple ideas can make a big impression when it comes to those seeking out your business. As much as a well manicured landscape appeals to the eyes, it also speaks to the approaching customers. When thinking of your commercial property, little details go a long way.

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