What To Know About Multi-Family Property Insurance

Multi-Family property insurance can be complicated at times because there can be so much to think about when it comes to making sure you are properly insured. The last thing anyone wants is financial loss so knowing what to look for in regards to property insurance is essential. Here are some things you will want to know about multi-family property insurance that can help when your ready to buy insurance.

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What Apartment Features Are The Most Popular For Renters?

With rental space being at an all-time high, we’re seeing more development pop up than ever before and if you haven’t noticed, the style and amenities are changing. Not everyone is looking to buy a house but there are features of a home or amenities within housing communities that some still find appealing and that’s where apartment developers are placing their attention.

Spaces And Services

Unlike before, when apartments used to seek after offering clubhouses, fitness rooms and a pool combo; development spaces are now looking to offer more in terms of space and in addition, services that those spaces include. Pools are still considered highly attractive to renters all throughout the year. Even if they don’t make use of them all year round, it’s still something they want when it comes to apartment shopping. The up factor is providing services such as water classes for residents which allow them to maximize their residential space all within living proximity.

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Tips to Build Community in your Multifamily Property

Multi-family owners and operators carry the responsibility to not only create a sense of home and safety for their tenants, but also the atmosphere and feel of the apartments community. It’s a significant task and one that owners and operators should feel honored to provide. Tenants living side by side will not always engage with one another as they go about their day to day. This is why it’s important to cultivate an atmosphere where tenants can gather and build community with one another. The following tips provide some ideas to potentially build an engaging sense of community.

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What the multi family housing industry can learn from the hotel industry

The social norms of our modern day times is like nothing we’ve seen before. Millennials are raised in a digital friendly world of the latest technological devices, offering fast paced and quickened responses. Generations of past find themselves trying to keep up with current advancements while some generations have given up trying altogether. Culturly, we are trying to meet a variance of generational lifestyles that are exclusive but still allow for interactive engagements; creating spaces where any generation can feel present and actively involved according to their own preferences. With millennials accounting for the largest percentage of the U.S. workforce the world is continually adapting in order to capture their spending power, while still remaining inclusive of other portions of the population. One particular focus is in the multifamily residential development which is learning from the hotel hospitality industry.


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Cost cutting tips for multifamily property owners Part 2

Property management professionals are always looking for opportunities to make adjustments and cut costs wherever they can in order to cut costs and continue to realize profits. Cutting back on expenses is never easy, but there are ways that you can save some money without having to sacrifice service or efficiency. Here are a few ways that you can start cutting costs in your property management business.


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Multifamily property owners can implement technology to cut costs and improve returns

The days of simply collecting rent and making sure the grass is trimmed are long gone for today’s multifamily owners and managers. To be an efficient competitor requires more skills and knowledge than in the past, especially for small property owners. Some of today’s savvier owners are improving bottom lines by leveraging technology and other resources. They are discovering that what works for top leading competitors can also work for them.

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