Understanding Tenant Eviction Bans And What States Have It

An eviction ban was first put into place when the Trump administration suspended the possibility of eviction for those who suffered job loss due to the coronavirus pandemic along with the CDC also announcing it as an emergency action that was necessary under law. Since the placement of the original ban in September of 2020, a new eviction ban has been put into place but will expire early this fall which is promising for landlords and property owners.

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What You Need To Know About Low Slope Roofing

Low slope roofing is typically used for commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories, industrial buildings and multi-family housing units. Another term used for low slope roofing is flat roofing. If a roof is considered to be a low sloping roof then that means it has a slope of less than 3 inches per foot which accounts for the roof level going up less than 3 inches vertically for every horizontal foot. There are a handful of reasons for choosing a low slope roofing system over steep slope roofing but before deciding you need to know about low slope roofing first.

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What Apartment Features Are The Most Popular For Renters?

With rental space being at an all-time high, we’re seeing more development pop up than ever before and if you haven’t noticed, the style and amenities are changing. Not everyone is looking to buy a house but there are features of a home or amenities within housing communities that some still find appealing and that’s where apartment developers are placing their attention.

Spaces And Services

Unlike before, when apartments used to seek after offering clubhouses, fitness rooms and a pool combo; development spaces are now looking to offer more in terms of space and in addition, services that those spaces include. Pools are still considered highly attractive to renters all throughout the year. Even if they don’t make use of them all year round, it’s still something they want when it comes to apartment shopping. The up factor is providing services such as water classes for residents which allow them to maximize their residential space all within living proximity.

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