When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

Replacing a roof is not something business owners or property managers generally want to think about but it’s essential for the integrity of the building as well as preventing unwanted costs. There is a lot of work that goes into replacing a roofing system but with reliable and trustworthy professionals a new roof is worth the investment.

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Property Management Tips In Managing Multi-Family Communities During Covid

With Covid-19 in effect, many of those in the work field have had to work from home and as much as we may think this is a byproduct of the virus, the truth is that the virus has only accelerated a trend that many were already practicing. Yet, it’s new enough that some are still adjusting. With multi-family communities in mind, rental agents have had to try and find new ways to stay engaged with their tenants, all the while continuing to keep safety in mind. As much as we would like to think that everything will go back to what we knew before, multi-family properties may need to anticipate this ‘new’ way of engaging with their tenants in the future. No matter what lies ahead, the focus should be on maintaining a thriving community where tenants feel their overall needs are met.

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Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On The Roofing Companies

The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down temporarily or even permanently depending on the type of business, area and/or if the business had the ability to self sustain during the time of null. Many businesses have done everything they can to stay afloat during this time and some seem to be barely hanging on. When it comes to how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the roofing companies, though there are some similarities to other businesses, there are a few differences that have affected their specific operations.

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5 Commercial Roofing Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

When it comes to fixing or replacing a roof, the expenses can be costly so maintaining your roof every year is key when it comes to saving money and prolonging the life of your roof. Oftentimes you’ll just need to do a quick look over which can be done on the ground with binoculars but if a large storm has potentially caused damage to your roof then you’ll want to give it a look once the storm passes. Here are 5 tips to extend the life of your roof.

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Which U.S. States Experience The Greatest Amount Of Roofing Damage From Natural Causes

Natural disasters happen all the time throughout the year and in some areas they are more common than others. Tornadoes, specifically, happen all over the mid-western and eastern states with a total of 935 tornadoes reported in the U.S. alone. Because roofing material is so exposed to the natural elements, it’s easy to see how tornadoes can likely be the cause of roofing damage when it comes to natural disasters. Here we will talk about which states are the most likely to experience tornadoes, the average cost of damage due to tornadoes and new materials that are being made to withstand the natural elements.

Which States Are Most Likely To Experience Tornadoes

The states that get hit by tornadoes the most are those that lie within what is called ‘Tornado Alley’. Tornado Alley is an ordinary term for the area of the United States where tornadoes frequent the most. This term was first used in 1952 as the title of a research project to study severe weather in the areas of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. The reason these states are most at risk is because Tornado Alley is full of warm, humid air from the equator that meets with cooler, dry air from Canada and the Rocky Mountains thus creating an ideal environment for tornadoes to form within developed thunderstorms and supercells. Newer research, however, is showing that tornado frequency has increased over a larger part of the U.S. Midwest, Southeast and parts of the Ohio Valley meaning that ‘Tornado Alley’ may be shifting from its previous position.

The Average Cost of Damage Due To Tornadoes

It’s been projected that every year in the U.S. tornadoes cause about 400 million dollars worth in damage. Tornadoes come from large thunderstorms that already have winds in rotation. When warm air collides with cooler, dry air the cold air is pushed over the warmer air producing a thunderstorm. Then, when the warm air rises through the colder air it causes an updraft thus creating a tornado. The more violent the thunderstorm, the more violent the tornado. They are capable of mass destruction with wind speeds that reach up to 300 mph. With winds like these, large buildings can be obliterated, trees uprooted and vehicles hurled hundreds of yards.

The most violent tornadoes are capable of tremendous destruction with wind speeds of up to 300 mph. They can destroy large buildings, uproot trees and hurl vehicles hundreds of yards and even suck the water from water passageways. It’s no wonder then that tornadoes of even lower calibers can cause costly repairs to the roofing of homes and businesses.

Materials Made To Withstand Nature’s Elements

When it comes to tornadoes there are no sure proof ways to prevent roofing from completely coming off of your home or even the structure of your home being completely tornado proof. The only possible way of ensuring your home stays in tack is making your home or business out of concrete which is not likely an option or desire for that matter. However, you can still choose the right materials for your home that will give you the best possible outcomes. Roofing shingles that are rated to ASTM are the highest level of wind rated shingles. These shingles have two screws per tile, providing for the best wind resistance. Metal roofing products and stone-coated steel shingles also work great when it comes to being tornado resistant. Compared to traditional roofing, these types of roofing materials will aid in strengthening and fortifying your existing roof. If you live in a tornado prone area, thinking about the materials your home is built out of is something you probably want to consider. Smaller tornadoes happen more often than the larger ones which will be what you’ll need to consider when thinking about the integrity of your roofing.

Natural disasters are serious things to consider when it comes to the location of your home. You want to protect your family and ensure that they have a safe place to bunker in case something like a tornado comes their way. Looking over your home to make sure that it is structurally sound is one way to ensure its integrity and safety for your family. Assessing your roofing materials should be one of the things that are considered in your home assessment.

What To Expect From A Commercial Roofing Inspection

Commercial roofing inspections should be done at least a couple times per year just to ensure that your roofing doesn’t go from having a small problem to a large one. Checking roofing materials and the support system to your commercial roof after major weather conditions, for instance, can be key to saving you money in the long run. Ignoring roofing maintenance over a long period of time can be costly and even affect the integrity of your building. A good commercial roofing inspector should provide a thorough inspection of your roof; checking for hidden damage or potential issues. Here is what you can expect from a commercial roofing inspection.

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What Property Managers Can Learn From The Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking

There is more to an ORA Power Ranking Score than one may think. With the digital world making its leaps and bounds in every facet of the world as we know it, society functions every day via the internet and that is the first place they will go when researching multi-family residences for tenancy. Here we will briefly discuss what property managers can learn from the elite 1% ORA power ranking.

What Is An ORA Score?

An ORA score is an online reputation assessment. This assessment is compiled from ratings of over 21 different review sites with the score itself being determined on a scale of 0-100 per property. The determined score is a widely acknowledged ranking that serves as a benchmark to compare and contrast individual properties as it relates to resident satisfaction, community performance and positive online reviews and rankings. The ORA Power Rankings are based on monthly assessments of independently ranked multi-family properties and management companies ORA scores. J Turner Research developed this multi-family industry standard to measure online reputation, however, property or management companies are not required to be a J Turner Research client to qualify for this ranking.

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How To Determine Commercial Property Value

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a commercial property, it’s important to establish a clear value. There are many methods in determining commercial property value, the following are some common approaches to help determine the most feasible price the commercial property could potentially earn in an open and competitive market.

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Property Management Insights for 2020

Its essential as a business to always stay ahead of the game. There’s a lot of competition in the property management business so keeping tabs on the latest trends is key. Here are 5 insights into upcoming trends for the year 2020 that every rental property management company should know.

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What To Know About Multi-Family Property Insurance

Multi-Family property insurance can be complicated at times because there can be so much to think about when it comes to making sure you are properly insured. The last thing anyone wants is financial loss so knowing what to look for in regards to property insurance is essential. Here are some things you will want to know about multi-family property insurance that can help when your ready to buy insurance.

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