Tips to Build Community in your Multifamily Property

Multi-family owners and operators carry the responsibility to not only create a sense of home and safety for their tenants, but also the atmosphere and feel of the apartments community. It’s a significant task and one that owners and operators should feel honored to provide. Tenants living side by side will not always engage with one another as they go about their day to day. This is why it’s important to cultivate an atmosphere where tenants can gather and build community with one another. The following tips provide some ideas to potentially build an engaging sense of community.

Put on Events

A great way to get tenants to come together as a community is to throw events where those within your complex can join in. People are always looking for fun things to do within their area and what better way to give them what they’re looking for than to provide them with something at their own front door. Centering events around holidays like the Fourth of July or Halloween is a fantastic way to get others involved. These holidays are already social events so it’s easy for people to engage; making it seem natural and comfortable. Encouraging neighbors to build relationships through event focused activities will not only build a sense of community, it will profit your business as tenant turnover will likely decrease and tenants will be more apt to be considerate of one anothers space and quality of life.

Set up an Outdoor Living Space

People love to sit outside with a book or a nice cup of coffee. Taking in the fresh air is good for the soul and if your property offers a coffee shop then your already one step ahead. Knowing your tenants preferences and what they would enjoy is key when deciding what your outdoor space should offer. A small pond, garden or even just a plot of grass with picnic tables can be an enjoyable resting place for tenants to sit and conversate with neighbors. Some complexes even offer dog parks if they have the space.

Have Contests

Getting people involved within their community can sometimes feel challenging. With a wide variety of age demographics it may seem almost near impossible to find ideas that would bring everyone together, but it isn’t as hard as you may think. Contests like food drives supporting a local charity, costume contests during the holidays or even social media contests are all ways to engage your community without stretching your budget. Community involvement not only builds relationship, it increases the overall morale. We all have our bad days, but most of us prefer to enjoy life and have fun doing it. A community that brings out the best in us is sure to bring out the positive in our lives.

Create a Social Network Page

Almost all businesses represent themselves on a social networking site. Profiles on social media platforms provide people with a greater sense of the company and those that represent them. Taking it a step further, providing a network page that will allow tenants to communicate with one another and engage with staff is a simple way to build community. This page can offer tenants with up to date news, pictures of staff or that new outdoor living space you just set up, upcoming events and even posts of those contests we mentioned earlier. It’s a one stop shop model that reaches and engages everyone. Using resources like this gives the management a platform to not only reach out to tenants with current news and updates, but also gives them an easier way to share their appreciation for their tenants. Ideas like posting ‘tenant of the month’ with a small story is a great way to show your appreciation; not just towards the individual but to the community as they see how much effort you place in showing you care.

Your Maintenance Staff if Your Best Friend

Tenants are more likely to communicate their needs and concerns with maintenance personnel over office staff. Meeting with your maintenance staff on a regular basis will help ensure that not only are concerns being taken care of, but will also give you the best idea of what your tenants needs are and what they desire. Having this insight will help you to better manage your apartment community and provide your tenants with things that interest them. Encourage tenants to offer feedback on places like that social networking page but expect that many of the face to face communications will be done between the tenant and your maintenance workers.

In conclusion, knowing your communities interests will be an asset to you. If you don’t already have ideas start with making that social networking page where tenants can offer up ideas and feedback. The more effort you put into reaching out to your community, the more likely they are to grow as a community and establish the atmosphere you aim to create.

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